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I have questions about nursing accreditation. Who can answer these questions for me?

The American Nurses Credentialing Center can be reached at http://www.ana.org/ancc.

I have questions about pharmacy accreditation. Who can answer these questions for me?

The American Council on Pharmaceutical Education can be reached at 312-664-3575, or http://www.acpe-accredit.org.

What is the difference between an unrestricted and a restricted grant?

The ACCME's Standards for Commercial Support (SCS) require that "funds from a commercial source should be in the form of an educational grant made payable to the accredited provider for the support of programming." (SCS5a) ACCME policy does not refer to "restricted" or "unrestricted" grants. The Standards do, however, require that "the ultimate decision regarding funding arrangements for CME activities must be the responsibility of the accredited provider" and "the terms, conditions, and purposes of such grants must be documented by a signed agreement between the commercial supporter and the accredited provider." (SCS5a)

What content is acceptable for activities that are certified for credit?

ACCME has adopted a definition of CME which describes what content is acceptable for activities that are certified for credit. To view a copy of this definition and related policies please click here: http://www.accme.org/incoming/pol_05_def_cme.pdf. Note that an organization whose program of CME is devoted to advocacy of unscientific modalities of diagnosis or therapy is not eligible to apply for ACCME accreditation.

What is an enduring material?

An enduring material is a CME activity that "endures." It is most typically a videotape, monograph, or CD Rom. Enduring materials can also be delivered via the Internet. The learning experience by the physician can take place at any time in any place, rather than only at one time, one place, like a live CME activity. There are special communication requirements for enduring materials because of the nature of the activity. Because there is no direct interaction between the provider and/or faculty and the learner, the provider must ensure that specific information, relative to the activity, is communicated to the learner prior to the learner's participation in the activity. (See enduring materials)

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